Alumni Database


Alumni Database

A complete record of every initiated brother.

Starting in 1905, Theta Chapter has initiated 1,665 men into the bonds of brotherhood at Purdue University. Our goal is to identify:

  1. Brothers that have passed on to Chapter Eternal.
  2. Brothers either suspended or have chosen not to affiliate with the brotherhood.

From the remaining list of active, living alumni, or goal is to:

  1. Capture a valid email address
  2. Confirm their postal address
  3. Connect those brothers on social media through our Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.

Membership Committee

David Reap, Θ1266

Tim Niggel, Θ1195

Progress to date

(last updated: March 21, 2017)

  • Brothers Initiated: 1,665
  • Chapter Eternal: 544
  • Suspended / Disassociated: TBD
  • Living Associated Alumni: 1,121
  • Email Addresses: 445
  • Facebook Group: 246
  • LinkedIn Group: 80

how you can help

  1. Join our Facebook Group.
  2. Join our LinkedIn Group.
  3. Join the Membership Committee and help us track down brothers. Contact David Reap to join:
  4. Send us a list of brothers you know with their email address.

Soon, we will have a portal for brother to update their information directly and a list of missing brothers. Stay tuned!

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